These projects were completed as part of Cornell University's undergraduate program in Architecture, from 2010 to 2015 in Ithaca, New York. 

Architecture Portfolio

Cornell Tech Campus

Spring 2013

Roosevelt Island, New York

Instructor: Arthur Ovaska

SOM's master plan for the Cornell Tech site appears to have one major flaw - every building

is being designed independently from each other and as it is being developed, does not possess the qualities of a campus. This project suggests connections amongst the campus’ buildings through plazas and internal circulation. In addition, the scale of each ''cluster'' resembles that of a typical Manhattan block, referencing the neighboring context.


Flaminia Transit Station

Rome, Italy

Fall 2014

Instructors: Caroline O-Donnell, Giorgio Martocchia

An opportunity to challenge the norm of parking garages by exploring the intersection of vertical and horizontal planes, creating interstitial spaces in between. This transit station services the chaotic crowds arriving and exiting the nearby Olympic Stadium.

Owego Town Hall

Owego, New York

Spring 2012

Collaborators: Maria Tsvetkova, Thomas Tumelty

Contributions: Ryan White

Instructor: Dana Cupkova 

The topography of Owego makes it a town likely to flood in the event of a major rain downfall because of its river. To build a town hall on this site, it only makes sense to raise the structure and allow for the water to freely move underneath it. A single dwelling cannot stop a floor; and if anything a barrier would send the water to the adjacent properties. Instead, this project accepts the tragic nature of an inundation. The rest of the time, the ground level of the town hall serves as a public walkway connecting the townspeople with the river-walk. 

Johnson Pavilion

Ithaca, New York

Spring 2011

Instructor: Yehre Suh, Dagmar Richter

The Johnson Pavilion is a proposal adjacent to the Johnson Museum at Cornell University. This project challenged the orthogonal qualities of the adjacent museum and proposed an alternative experience for a gallery use. 

Museum of Unexpected

Binghamton, New York

Fall 2011

Instructor: Vincent Mulcahy

An approach to manifesting the unexpected in design can also be through the unfamiliar. This museum was designed solely with section drawings, and immediately translated into a physical model. The site in Binghamton has debris remaining from a factory fire and is also prone to flooding.

Structural Systems

Ithaca, New York

Spring 2013

Materials & Properties: Physical Model. 1/16” : 1’-0” Scale. Brass, wood, rockite.

Resources: CNC Milling, 3D-Prining, Laser-Cutting.

Collaborator: Benjamin Waters. See his work here.

Instructor: Mark Cruvellier

The uncertainty of this project made it a fun process. Extreme coordination and communication was required to recreate the structure of the 2012 London Aquatic Centre. This physical model demonstrates the incredibly strong properties of steel in construction.

Body Armor

Ithaca, New York

Fall 2010

Instructor: Yehre Suh, Dagmar Richter 

‘Body Armor’ was the first time I studied space in relationship to the body. Back then, however, I did not understand the execution and potentials of designing in such a way due to my lack of experience. The task was to create an ‘armor’ of some type and have it mediate between the user (my body) and a specific site (in my case, the studio bleachers at Cornell University). The strongest part of this project was the representation and studies. However, the execution came short as the physical construction of the armor would have required more time and resources for proper installation in its site. 

Point to Volume

Ithaca, New York

Fall 2010

Instructor: Yehre Suh, Dagmar Richter 

The following architectural investigation focuses on the concepts of point, line, surface, volume, and void (in that order). I was given the task to generate a 3D space out of a 2D exercise, pushing the project through various mediums of representation: hand-drafting, software drawing, photography, and model-making. 

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